IT Help

Benjamin Waywood

Every business has a few individuals that are considered to be the ‘backbone’ of the entire organization - Ben Waywood’s role at IT Help is nothing short of that.

With an experience that spans over a decade in technology and sales consulting, Ben has always remained a strong advocate of empowering small businesses with access to enterprise-level technology at an affordable cost.

Starting his career back in 2005 as a sales consultant for a small business setup, Ben worked his way up through various BDM, client success, sales consulting and technical management roles. 

At IT Help, he has remained as the go-to person for all complex IT-related or support issues from existing or potential clients. In addition to this, he leads all new hardware, software, client operating systems or server-related protocols deployment at clients’ end.

"I believe technology is the way to make easier our lives, by setting up systems on the benefit of your business, you can maximize resources and minimize issues, that's what we focus our energy at IT Help"

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