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5 Benefits of an Outsourced CTO

15.11.21 03:01 AM Comment(s) By Fahad Raza

As businesses grow, the technical requirements, expectations, processes and practices also take a massive turn. In today’s digital era, a business’s internal or external stakeholders rely heavily on the technical aspects of the entire organization.


To ensure these technical elements are performing the way they should, experienced CTOs are required. However, it might not be possible for every organization to find or hire the right CTO in a blink of an eye, which is why they go for an outsourced CTO.


Let's have a look at the top 5 benefits of an outsourced CTO..

Small Businesses Benefit the Most

Imagine yourself as a small business owner who recently started off with limited monetary or non-monetary resources. Spending too much time or money in hiring an in-house, top-notch IT head might not be something that you’re too willing to focus on right away. 


This is why small businesses benefit a lot from the expertise of an outsourced CTO.

Skill Level, Expertise and Amount of Experience

When you go for an outsourced CTO, you usually get to work with someone who has a pretty decent-looking profile, experience and expertise in the technical side of things. This is one of the major reasons why a lot of organizations opt for an outsourced CTO instead of hiring someone in-house, even in the long-run. 


Outsourced CTOs are expected to bring in immense technical knowledge that can help businesses figure out their shortcomings and achieve organizational growth. This is why the concept of CaaS (CTO as a Service) has gained widespread popularity in recent times.

Gives You Time to Hire Your Ideal In-house CTO

While you’re in between meetings to find the right person to fill up the position of a CTO for your company, an outsourced CTO can take care of your business processes, technical aspects and automations to ensure smooth overall operations. 


It is important to understand that a CTO is a key position for any organization, specifically those that are largely dependent on their IT departments or automated processes.

Improved Business Processes in Lesser Time

An outsourced CTO will start improving your business processes quicker than you might have imagined or predicted. This is because that’s their job and they’re well-equipped and experienced to identify and fix technical flaws within an organization. 

On the other hand, hiring an in-house CTO might take a lot of time to fully understand your business model, expectations, internal environment, system flaws, redundancies, etc. You might already lose a lot of business before your in-house CTO starts bringing any positive results.

Better Project Management Deliverables

Provided that you have selected a reputable outsourced CTO individual or a service to help with your business infrastructure, you will witness a major improvement in your internal or external organizational projects, specifically with the IT and other technical departments. 


Outsourced CTOs add a lot to the overall project management deliverables of a company and streamlining of all the ongoing or future projects.

Assist and Educate Existing Team Members 

When your existing team members, supervisors and managers work with an outsourced CTO, they get to learn a lot from him. This knowledge can help your organization both, in the short-run and the long-run. 


The processes, tools, methodologies and techniques they use can then be incorporated to your in-house work best practices to achieve the desired results.

Fahad Raza

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